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April 2014

UPDATED! Arizona Emissions Bill Signed Into Law

Legislation to exempt all vehicles manufactured in the 1974 model year and earlier from the state’s mandatory biennial emissions inspection program was signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.  Under previous law, only vehicles manufactured in 1966 and earlier and “collectibles” were exempt.

The governor’s signature acknowledges the relatively minimal environmental impact of older vehicles, such as the historic cars targeted for this exemption.  These vehicles constitute a small portion of the vehicle fleet and are well-maintained and infrequently operated.

AZ Senate Bill 1324 or SB1324. Titled; Vehicle Emissions Testing; Older Vehicles passed into law and was signed by the Governor on 4-18-11. AZ’s existing emission test exemption laws are for vehicles 15 years and older with “Collectable Vehicle” insurance and all vehicles 1966 or older.

We are waiting for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to comply with the Governor's Signing.


Senator Antenori of Tucson proposed SB1324 on behalf of vehicles 25 years and older who cannot qualify for regular “Collectable Vehicle” insurance coverage for various reasons such as they simply only have a car-port and not a garage as required by CV policies. Other CV policy issues like restricted use and limited mileage also excludes some collectable vehicles that truly need exempting.

Major authenticity issues are also caused by the mechanical modifications and equipment upgrades needed to get some limited-use cars to pass the annual test. These modifications end up penalizing them in Car Club Judging which makes them less desirable and lowers their resale value to collectors.

SB1324 was initially strongly opposed by stakeholders such as the AzDEQ who use the air-quality improvements they claim from E-testing these older vehicles to balance AZ’s “State Implementation Plan” or SIP to the US-EPA. Also, E-test contractor Gordon-Darby objected to losing almost $2 million in annual income from testing these apx. 65,000 vehicles each year. Joining the opposition’s chorus were various environmental groups who want even more government regulation.

Over the course of the 2011 AZ Legislative Session, Senator Antenori and the AAHC’s Legislative Liaison Bill Gilmore both agreed to a compromise amendment that would allow all vehicles 1974 and older to become exempt from E-testing. This amended bill easily passed through both the AZ House and Senate with 2/3 majorities

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