2019-2021 Officers & Directors


Dean Hillery

I've been involved in anything with two or four wheels since childhood. Graduating from go-carts & motorcycles to automobiles in my teens, I never seem to satisfy my desire to understand how and why something works.


I’ve owned and worked on many 60’s & 70’s Dodge & Plymouths in my youth. That influence stared with my family owning various Mopars before I could even drive.

Like some of you, I started my career and family while putting my love of these era Mopars on the back burner until back in 2010 when I purchased my 1966 Dodge Charger and joined my first car club ever, Mopars Unlimited of Arizona. For me, its pride of ownership, accomplishment, and most of all the friendships that I’ve been making along the way not just within our car club but across the various automotive events, businesses and industry organizations I engage in. There’s nothing like meeting and associating with genuine people with the same interests and love for anything automotive…

Vice President

Paul Gulota

Cars, truck, bikes, everything automotive has intrigued me since my youth. I made a career maintaining and repairing industrial equipment and machines, but cars, and especially Mopar branded cars have been my passion.

Funny how that starts, my Dad retired in 1969 and purchased a brand new Plymouth Satellite 4 door 318 engine. That was the car I grew up with, learned to drive with, and drove in high school. It sparked the Mopar fire that stills burns in me today.

I have owned many brands of worn out old cars and trucks throughout my life.  Keeping them running was enjoyable for me. Today, working on my own classic and newer Mopars has become my hobby. Joining Mopars Unlimited of Arizona brought me to a group of people who share my passion. Good people, good friends, and old Mopars… can’t get any better than that. 


Kurt & Jill Leon

I became a car nut because my dad had a 63 Valiant V-200 Convertible when I was a kid. As a teen, I got my license in our 72 Duster. Both cars were Slant 6’s. My first car was a 73 Charger with a 318 that I bought in Glendale, CA and drove home to Illinois. It was replaced by a 69 Charger R/T that was used to deliver pizzas, getting 8 miles per gallon doing it.

Here in Arizona, I got a 64 Valiant Signet Hardtop, which my wife Jill nicknamed Lady Valerie. Lady Valerie is slowly being restored with much help from club members, which is greatly appreciated. I am grateful to be a part of Mopars Unlimited.


Mike Wilson

Bio soon


Dave Henriksen

Tech Coordinator

Bio to follow soon


Vic Widlocher

Membership Coordinator


Richard Rodger

Newsletter Editor

Bio to follow soon

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